Purple Mustache Cut-Out Digital Download

Purple Mustache Cut-Out Digital Download


Note: Purple Mustache minimum donations are $5 each. The Purple Mustache’s objective is to uplift, encourage and support people affected by pancreatic cancer.

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    The SEJF challenges you to promote pancreatic cancer awareness by taking the following steps:

    • Take a photo or video of you wearing your purple mustache
    • Post your photo or video on your social media telling us “Who you are wearing your mustache for?” and/or “Why you have join the fight against pancreatic cancer”
    • Challenge your family and friends to do the same
    • Be sure to tag us with the hashtags #kickPCstache #sejf #sejfpurplemustache #purplematters #purplemustache
    • Thank you for having fun and spreading awareness about pancreatic cancer!

    Purple Mustache Fact Sheet

    The SEJF is a non profit organization raising funds to benefit patients and families battling pancreatic cancer. The purple mustache was chosen to be fun and give hope to a hopeless disease. To inspire when there seems to be no inspiration. The purple mustache enhances and reinforces pancreatic cancer awareness in a fun, impactful powerful way.

    The SEJF is raising funds to support our “Totes of Hope”, "Fresh Produce Foodboxes" and STARE program. From November 1- 30, the minimum online donation for the purple mustache is $5 (plus shipping for actual mustache and free for downloadable version).

    Getting Involved
    The SEJF invites everyone who has purchased a purple mustache to have fun and enjoy a laugh by showing a photo or video of themselves wearing it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) Starting November 1-30, we encourage those who purchase to tag us in their photo by using the hashtag #sejf, #thesejf, #purplemustache, #sejfpurplemustache, #kickPCstache, #purplematters

    Proceeds benefit the SEJF programs that work to uplift patients and families battling pancreatic cancer throughout their journey.

    Learn More
    Visit and Follow us on social media: IG @thesejf Facebook @thesejf Twitter @thesejf to join the movement.

    Sponsorship Opportunities and Major Donations:
    Email: info@thesejf.org
    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 56264
    New Orleans, LA 70156