Michele Steib's Testimonial

My family loss my mother to pancreatic cancer on January 20,2017 after battling the disease for 17 months. During that time, I was a mess; I went over to my friend’s house and Doneyl was there and was ready and willing to discuss all of the trauma that she had gone through with her husband’s battel with this disease.

She was kind, understanding and painfully honest. She knew what we went through and was the most compassionate person I could ever want to meet. She sat there, gave me comfort and strength with just her words. When I needed the prompting to move on, she obliged. Little did I know that she was going through a fight for her life but she took her time to give me solace in my time of need and never wavered in her support.

Donyel is the most giving person that I have ever met in my 52 years of living. She came to my dad’s and had the sweetest young men with her handing out to the families of those who lost a loved ones to pancreatic cancer food gift baskets and when I tell you my dad was appreciative, those words will not suffice. It made him feel so good that someone cared about those left behind and that thoughtful jester made him so happy, all because of Donyel.

In short, you are a gift; a gift of compassion, nurturing and strength. Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future.

Love is not a given, it is a gift and that gift is abundantly shared by you.

Michele Steib