A Little History


The Scott Eli Jackson Foundation (SEJF) is dedicated to working together to bring awareness, education and resources to save lives through early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.



Our Vision is simple…….to live in a world without pancreatic cancer. Until then, we raise awareness for all and create HOPE for those affected by pancreatic cancer.



Our founder, Donyel Jackson, and her late husband (Scott Jackson) felt the inconsistencies in support when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013. There wasn't readily information about treatments, trials, patients options and patient support to them and their community. Donyel felt they weren't being given the information and support that she seen other patients given, like trial studies, support, ect. Knowing that health disparities really exist and common in the African American communities, she quickly realizes this is bigger than them.

As a young couple, they had never envisioned that they would face a battle with pancreatic cancer this early in life.

Donyel noticed that while there were a few organizations that were targeted at expanding research, there was no support to help families through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and preventing future diagnoses.

There was no one bringing these families any hope in these dark times. The closest she got was a vague reference to future research potentially leading to a cure, but that was many years away and well after her husband would succumb to the disease.

Scott and Donyel quickly realized that pancreatic cancer cannot just be an individual family battle. The pain, the distraught feelings, the lack of knowledge and resources is just too overwhelming to go through alone. Each family needs a support system if they hope to have a chance at survival.

But what about the families that don’t have that support system — what happens to them?

The SEJF believes that to win the war against pancreatic cancer and rewrite history, we have to address health disparities in the African-American and marginalized communities as well as unite in ONE fight, hope, and mission for all, not some.

Being presented a $2500 grant from Harrah’s Casino